The world’s most advanced flywheel energy storage solution

QuinteQ is introducing the world’s most advanced flywheel energy storage solution to empower the energy transition. Core elements of the flywheel technology have their origins in the Boeing R&D lab, but QuinteQ has further developed the flywheel to create the shock absorber for the energy transition. While flywheels are known for a long time, QuinteQ is introducing a number of fundamental innovations. For example, QuinteQ develops compact, containerized systems that leverages high-speed rotations, rather than mass. Its ability to endlessly deliver or absorb high power peaks with an extremely large cycle life and fast response time makes it perfect for smoothing out supply and demand. Kinetic energy storage with flywheels also means a significantly lower carbon footprint for your solution. 

QuinteQ is based in the Netherlands and currently employs 11 people. The company was founded in 2016 and holds the exclusive worldwide license of over 200 patents from Boeing’s original designs.  

QuinteQ’s role in 2LIPP

As a Dutch start-up, QuinteQ is working on the cutting edge of new and high-potential energy storage technology. The technology has endless cycles, fast response and small carbon footprint, which means that QuinteQ can deliver an economically and ecologically feasible storage technology to smoothen out power profiles and protect other storage technologies. The 2LIPP project is a pioneering idea and requires pioneering minds. This is what QuinteQ, together with other consortium partners, brings to the table.  

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