PLS Energy Systems

Characterized by entrepreneurship, we have ongoing battery storage projects that aim to be a green and sustainable contribution to future generations. 

PLS Energy Systems is based in Sweden with business locations in Gothenburg, Hestra and Lidköping. Our longterm solutions consist of containerized battery packs designed for optimal energy storage and digital management connected to the energy balance market.  

We’ve been implementing our energy solutions since 2018 starting the business in the southern Europe and Africa, leading up till today where most activities are situated in Sweden.  

Our vision saving our planet, piece by piece and person by person has from the beginning been accompanied by our core values: respect, innovation, sustainability and safety. None of this would be possible without our staff which is our most important asset. We are approximately ten employees currently upscaling our business and number of staff.  

One of our main projects besides 2LIPP is Gislaved Energipark which is an energy concept combining renewable enery, energy storage and hydrogen gas.  

PLS Energy Systems’s role in 2LIPP

he 2LIPP project has an enormous potential in the future development of energy storage solutions phasing out fossil fuels – no doubt we want to be a part of this journey! 

Our contribution to this project is a deep knowledge in batteries as an energy storage solution. As part of the 2LIPP project we will develop a novel concept with a flexible and modular system based on different battery types.  

The concept will be built specifically for 2LIPP delivered as a containerized and scalable energy storage system allowing multiple containers to work together for increased capacity. The system is operated by a digital energy management tool which is connected to the energy balance market.  

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