Pini solutions

Tasteful, efficient and stable software

Pini Solutions builds software that makes your business take off. What was previously a slow administrative task can, with the right idea and implementation, become a button press that takes less than a second. We have experience in building customized administrative systems, large-scale and operation-critical business systems, as well as complex integrations between existing technical solutions.
We have developed systems for the sale of solar panels that allow the customer to get a quote without intermediaries, including how much electricity their particular roof and heading can generate.
We have developed production planning tools where retrieval from business systems means that the administrative burden is minimal.

PINI Solutions’s role in 2LIPP

The climate change can be considered as one of the severe challenges humanities has ever faced. PINI Solutions regards the 2LIPP project as one part of the solution and we are proud to be a part of it. The tool of PINI Solutions is already in the Swedish market, giving us insights and experiences of the practical use of our software and how it can be used also in 2LIPP.

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