Developing large-scale thermal energy storage solution for the energy transition

Hyme is a deep-tech company developing a large-scale thermal energy storage solution for the energy transition.  Hyme’s technology enables industries and utilities to remove fossil fuels from their production by providing them with a mean to electrify energy intensive processes in a cost-competitive way.  

Hyme’s energy storage system stores electricity in the form of high-temperature heat in a molten salt and discharges the energy in the form of high temperature steam (from 200°C to 650°C). The steam can be used directly in an industrial process or in a cogeneration setup to dispatch electricity and heat. 

Hyme is based in Denmark, Copenhagen and has 30 employees. 

Hyme’s role in 2LIPP

2LiPP is a great opportunity for Hyme to demonstrate that our molten salt energy storage system can be integrated into an existing heat and power plant and enable continuity of operations while phasing out fossil fuels. The plant that Hyme will build in the 2LiPP project will charge electricity from the grid and dispatch electricity and heat.

Visit Hyme’s website here.