Ernst Abbe Hochschule Jena

Innovation for quality of life – health, precision, sustainability & networking 

The University of Applied Sciences Jena was founded in 1991, making it one of the first in the new federal states. For several years, it has not only been Thuringia’s largest, but also the most research-intensive university for applied sciences. Currently, 4,400 young people are studying at the university.  

The University of Applied Sciences Jena works closely with partners from business and science. The research fields in the areas of “precision systems”, “technologies and materials” and “health and sustainability” reflect both technically and socially current topics. 

The University of Applied Sciences Jena’s role in 2LIPP

In the 2LIPP project, the University of Applied Sciences Jena primary responsibility is to contribute to the feasibility study that will facilitate the transfer of results from the Bornholm demonstration site to locations in Thuringia, Germany, and throughout Europe. This study aims to support grid operators and power plant operators in transitioning to a renewable energy future. 

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