Bornholms Energi & Forsyning

The multi utility company on the island of Bornholm

Bornholms Energi & Forsyning (BEOF) is a multi utility company owned by the municipality of Bornholm in the eastern Denmark. It employes approximately 130 employees and all 40,000 Bornholm residents are customers in minimum one of BEOF companies. Over 99% of BEOF’s electricity production comes from solar, wind and wood chips under normal conditions, and nearly 90% of the wood chips and straw used in the district heating production is grown locally on Bornholm. BEOF handles all wastewater on Bornholm and supplies fresh water to 40% of the households on the island. It is BEOF’s ambition to be at the forefront of technological development. For the past 15 years Bornholm has been a preferred site for developing, testing and demonstrating innovative and green technologies with project funding over 1 billion DKK. The prospects of Bornholm’s status as an energy island by 2030 will expand the capabilities of the test facilities to an unprecedented level.

Bornholms Energi & Forsyning’s role in 2LIPP

The future of supply must be resilient, sustainable and affordable. As a demo site in the 2LiPP project Bornholms Energi & Forsyning will gain invaluable knowledge about how to manage and store renewable energy sources in the future and how to effectively balance the electricity system. The project will help us with the future green transition investment decisions.  

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